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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

A Piano Is Stuck In the Door

Music: The Entertainer – Scott Joplin
Lyrics: Richard Perlmutter

Oh what a fateful day
At his front entryway
He heard the piano movers say

It’s your piano delivery
The piano movers reported to me
Then they started to go inside
But the piano appeared a little wide

So they gave it a little nudge
And suddenly the thing just wouldn’t budge
Well I looked at it at and I swore, I’ve never seen this before
A piano is stuck in the door

Oh the movers were undeterred
They wouldn’t hear a discouraging word
And they hooked up a line and winch
But it wouldn’t go forward not an inch

They tried pushing it left and right
But that poor piano was squeezed in there tight
They said hope that you’re not too sore, we’ve never seen this before
A piano is stuck in the door

They did all that they could
Nothing did any good
The problem couldn’t be foreseen
The job was totally routine
But there was not a doubt
It wasn’t in or out
That piano sat there halfway in between

The movers did confess, that they had made a mess
But it was clear that they could now do nothing more
They said we underscore, we‘ve never seen this before
A piano stuck inside a door

So they wished me a lot of luck
And then the movers drove off in their truck
And the piano’s still here with me
Sitting right where my front porch ought to be

All my neighbors come by to stare
They can’t believe that the piano’s still there
Now I’ll hear it forever more, we’ve never seen this before,
A piano is stuck in the door