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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

Voyage To The Moon

Music: Clair de Lune (Moonlight), Claude Debussy
Lyrics: Richard Perlmutter

Star Man Lady Sky
All systems go now standing by
Get set for takeoff cross check that we’re counting down soon
May God be with us here to guide our ship to the moon

Star Man Lady Sky
Roger ready set to fly
Cockpit sequence done
It’s T-Minus one

This is command control commencing our mission
Check rocket thrusters and activate ignition
All systems in place
Launch initiation
Unlocking from base
Boost acceleration
Lift off into space
Final destination is the moon

Look down below
We can see the earth that we’re leaving behind
Onward we go
To the new world we will find there
Hi in the sky
Flying higher, higher, higher, higher
We’re floating free, weightlessly
Floating, falling, floating,
Falling down, floating down, falling down

Prepare we’re almost here
Deploy the landing gear
Clear for impact
We’re making contact
Zero one we’re touching down
We’re stepping on the ground

Star Man Lady Sky
It’s very dark here stay nearby
We’re on the dark side of the moon where there’s no day
Look for a moonbeam and somehow we’ll find the way

Star man Lady sky
I see something so do I
On the first night
Like a star bright
It’s the moonlight