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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

Midnight Snack (Habanera: from Carmen)

A Midnight Snack
By Richard Perlmutter

First I tiptoed across the floor
And then walked quietly out the bedroom door
I did not dare turn on the light
Though it was dark in the middle of the night
Everyone else was fast asleep
I held my breath didn’t even make a peep
Step by step I went down the stairs
I passed the den and the old upholstered chairs
My heart pounded I heard it beat
I knew the danger but knew it would be sweet
And I knew I could not turn back
I saw the kitchen there was my midnight snack
A piece of cake, a piece of pie
I felt so happy that I thought I’d cry
Potato chips and popcorn too
And chocolate ice cream and some cheese fondue
I didn’t care how much I ate
I put a jelly donut on my plate
I ate all I could eat that night
I couldn’t eat anymore even one more bite
But there was candy on the shelf
I picked it up and then I helped myself
There was no food I did not crave
I put a pizza in the microwave
And then I heard a noise and thought
Somebody else is up now I’ll be caught
They snuck right up behind my back
And said can you please share your midnight snack