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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

Give Me A 10 (Skater's Waltz:Les Patineurs)

Give Me A 10
By Richard Perlmutter

Hey watch me skate
I’m really great
Give me a 10 ’cause that’s what I rate
This crowd will roar
They’ll all want more
Give me a 10 that should be my score
Yes his spin and his salchow
Are quite good from head to toe
I can do them better than Brian Boitano
He does his camel just like Hamel I would say
Should we give him 10 today?
Now I should remind you
The routine that I do
Has a difficulty
Of the highest degree
And throughout it I shine
Like my costume design
Should we give a 10 ladies and gentlemen?
Give a 10? Give a 10? I’m a 10!
Let me review
Here’s what to do
Give me a 10 then I’ll say thank you