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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

Please Mr. Ringmaster (Circus March: Entry of the Gladiators)

Please Mr. Ringmaster
By Richard Perlmutter

Oh please get me out of here ringmaster
Circus life is such a big disaster
I want to go home
Please let me go home
Why’d I run away and join the circus
Have you noticed how they over work us
I want to quit
Got to let me quit
Please let me go back home ringmaster
I’m not walking on a high tight wire
It’s too dangerous to swallow fire
I want to go home
Please let me go home
I can’t be a human cannon ball
Those stilts are scary when they’re ten feet tall
I want to quit
Please let me quit
I just want to go back home
Oh ringmaster please save me from the elephants
I don’t want to be around them when they start to dance
And those lions and tigers are ferocious so
Let me go home let me go
So Mr. Ringmaster please hear my plea
And let me go home ’cause the circus is not for me
Oh the life in the big top is thrilling I know
But I want to go home so please let me go