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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

Whistling Happily (English Horn & Flute: William Tell Overture)

Whistling Happily
By Richard Perlmutter

Once I was out in the park  
Feeling free as a lark
Whistling happily
All of a sudden I heard  
That sweet little blue bird  
Whistling back at me  
It was quite charming so I  
Puckered up to reply          
Whistling back once more  
I stopped to listen and then
That bird did it again                
Whistling like before
That bird was whistling with me
From there up in a tree
We were both filled with glee
It kept whistling, whistling
It kept on whistling whistling whistling whistling whistling
And it didn’t stop
And as I walked down the street
It continued to tweet    
And to warble and croon
Through the whole afternoon
I didn’t know what to do
Now that bird’s whistling to you      
Hear it chirp hear it coo
Hear it twitter and trill
Hear it whistling still
It keeps whistling whistling whistling whistling