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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

Hey, Guitar Teacher (Bouree, Bach)

Hey Guitar Teacher
By Richard Perlmutter

Hey guitar teacher thanks for assigning this song

It's a swell melody and it isn’t very long

My dear mother prefers that it's not blues or rock

It is Johann Sebastian Bach
They say classical music's an old noble art

And if you listen to it, then it will make you smart

With some other composers I think that's a crock

Give me Johann Sebastian Bach
Every single note that the old master wrote

Was as perfect as perfect could be

In a Fugue or a Mass no one else could surpass

His divine sense of melody or harmony
If someone should insist that you make up a list

Of composers that you can recall

It takes no Ph.D. it is easy to see

Mr. Bach was the best of them all
So guitar teacher thanks for this musical treat

It's got great counterpoint, and I like the steady beat

It's a piece I will practice and play ’round the clock

’Cause it's Johann Sebastian Bach