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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

It's the Same Every Verse (In The Hall of The Mountain King from Peer Gynt Suite, Grieg)

It’s The Same Every Verse
By Richard Perlmutter

Here’s a piece that’s quite perverse 

It’s the same every verse

So for better or for worse 

We’ve 17 to go
One by one we’ll count them all 

It might seem off the wall 

Just in case you don’t recall 

We’ve 16 more to go
If the end seems far away 

There’s no need for dismay 

We’ll give you a play by play 

15 to go
Note that this recurring tune

Is performed by bassoon 

It will be repeated soon 

14 to go
Next the cello and the bass 

Ceaselessly keep the pace 

Just in case you lost your place 

We’ve 13 more to go
But before we can proceed 

As it was guaranteed

The bassoons again play lead 

We’ve 12 more times to go
Finally something new begins 

Hear all those violins 

Underneath those chinny chins 

11 more to go
Now we get the clarinet 

Playing in a duet

With the oboe don’t forget 

We’ve 10 more times to go
While the violins repeat

Please remain in your seat

We are nowhere near complete

9 more to go
Here’s a bit more of the same

There’s just one man to blame

Grieg is the composer’s name 

8 more to go
Now it’s time to move along 

To the end of the song 

Things are gonna finish strong
We’ve 7 more to go

First the volume will increase 

’Til the end of the piece
Building to a big release

We’ve 6 more left to go
Now the trumpets start to blow

Double fortissimo

I’ll remind you so you know 

Just 5 more times to go
Now we’re building up some steam 

It’s so loud it would seem

Pretty soon we’ll have to scream

4 more times to go
Still we haven’t hit the top 

Faster now do not stop

At this pace I’m gonna drop

3 more to go
Keeping up is getting tough 

Making me huff and puff 

I think I’ve had enough

2 more to go
Now we’re almost at the end

Oooh yeah my friend

All that lies around the bend

Is 1 more time to go
Last verse! Hip hooray! 

Oooh, don’t go away

Now the orchestra will play

Finale number 1

Hope you can stay

Now the orchestra will play 

Finale number 2

One more delay

Now the orchestra will play 

Finale number 3

The end