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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

Beethoven’s Wig Sing Along Piano Classics Songbook

Piano/Vocal Edition

cover of Beethoven’s Wig Sing Along Piano Classics Songbook

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released 2021

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Genre Piano/Vocal Songbook (paperback)

Publisher Beethoven’s Wig Books

Date 2021

Author Richard Perlmutter

Pages 63


This piano/vocal edition contains the most popular Beethoven’s Wig songs written by composers specifically for piano. The lyrics are filled with fact and fancy about the composers and their music. It’s fun to play and sing along! The piano parts are all included as they were originally written by the composers. As a bonus, there is an appendix with pieces transposed into the keys used on Beethoven’s Wig recordings. This allows pianists to play and sing along with the recorded tracks.