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Beethoven's Wig

Beethoven’s Wig Concerts

Animated Multimedia Concerts

Animated Multimedia Concerts
Beethoven's Wig has collaborated with the award-winning Smiley Guy Studios to produce an incredible multimedia classical concert like no other!

It stars Richard Perlmutter, who not only wrote the words to all Beethoven's Wig songs and is the lead singer, but also accompanies himself on piano, guitar and mandolin.  The show features a colorful cast of cartoon characters projected on a big screen. There's a violin playing raccoon, an opera-singing frog, a cello playing robot, a dinosaur diva and many more animated characters. They sing along with, play, dance and talk to Perlmutter and make up his cartoon orchestra.  A very animated Beethoven leads them all.  

The appeal of the Beethoven's Wig Animated Stage Show is multi-generational as its wonderful mix of education, entertainment and comedy is as timeless as the music of Beethoven, Bach and Mozart itself.

Videos featured in this show have won the following honors:
Ottawa International Animation Festival 2012 - Best Short Animation Made for Children
SNOB Film Festival 2012 - Best Short Comedy
Anima Mundi The International Animation Festival of Brazil 2013 - Best Sound Design
Toronto International Film Festival - Official Selection
Melbourne International Animation Festival - Official Selection
San Francisco International Film Festival - Official Selection
Nashville Film Festival - Official Selection
Boston Children’s Film Festival - Official Selection
Seoul International Extreme-Short Image and Film Festival - Official Selection
Athens Animafest - Official Selection
Shnit International Shortfilm Festival - Official Selection
Vancouver International Film Festival - Official Selection
Golden Kuker Sofia International Animation Film Festival - Official Selection
Atlanta Shortsfest - Official Selection
Animpact Max Competition - Official Selection
Toronto Animation Arts Festival International - Official Selection
Northwest Animation Festival - Official Selection
Newport Beach Film Festival - Official Selection
Nantucket Film Festival - Official Selection
Reel 2 Reel International Film Festival - Official Selection
Maryland International Kids Filmfest - Official Selection
REDCAT International Children's Film Festival - Official Selection
River Run International Film Festival - Official Selection
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Solo Concerts Featuring Richard Perlmutter

Solo Concerts Featuring Richard Perlmutter
Richard Perlmutter is the creator, lyricist, and lead singer/entertainer of Beethoven's Wig. In his solo performances, he sings and plays the greatest masterpieces of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and more on piano, classical guitar and mandolin.

Perlmutter has staged his solo show at performing arts centers, museums and libraries throughout North America. During his solo shows he shares a wealth of fun facts and stories about classical music and composers.  His quick wit, songwriting genius and vocal acrobatics have drawn comparisons to Victor Borge, Tom Lehrer and Danny Kaye.  Perlmutter's solo show is a treat for children and adults of all ages.

updated: 2 years ago